Photos requested

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Dec 18, 2006
Above EHLW

I'm new on this forum and red some awsome topics with the most wonderful pictures I've ever seen :shock: . I have made a website and you can find a lot of information on it. I have used photos of AIRLINERS.NET - A Breath Of Fresh Jet Blast and (with permission) but still, I'm searching for some pictures. Is there anybody who's had lots of photos of military aircraft (modern and old)? Please contact me or visit my website:

I hope my English isn't bad :oops: :lol:

greets niels
Sorry, I was forgot.

Ekranoplane A-90
Shorts Belfast

greets niels

EDIT: I have got same pictures received of someone... Only the A-90 is missing. And I saw that I was missing an image of the Short Belfast.
I can get you some of the BV-141 and BV-222, but do you want pictures of the Boeing 707 or what?

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