Any photos needed ?

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Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
!'m hoping to get to the RAF Museum, Cosford, again in the next week or two. The Wellington has been rolled out after a ten-year refurb / restoration, and is now on display, and from what I've learned, the Hampden has made huge progress too. With luck, I'll meet-up with our forum member Rodd, who volunteers there on conservation work, and can possibly get me close access to some of the exhibits.
Karl and I are also going to the Jet Age Museum at Gloucester, on 25th June, a "first" for both of us, and they. have some interesting stuff there.

So, if anyone needs any detail or general photos of anything at these museums, let me know in time, and I'll see what I can do.
Thanks for the offer Terry. You've served me very well on the Wimpy before now and so I have enough references. I just have to get around to finishing the damned thing! No Hampton in my foreseeable future I'm afraid.
No problem Andy.
Of course, the offer is open to all of the exhibits at the museums, not just the Wellington and Hampden.
I'll be concentrating on subjects for my future model builds, particularly detail pics for the next Andover for Dougie Barr, and a few other subjects for future builds/GB',s and also for my personal reference library of pics.
Jet Age Museum is confirmed for 25th June, and RAFM Cosford will now probably be around 29th/30th June.
Hello Airframes. I have been asked by a very good friend, an aviation artist and top class modeller, to supply some detail photos of the Cosford Wellington. I do not have any and am abroad for some time so was wondering how I could help him - and then I saw your offer. If I am not too late, and you have the opportunity, I would really appreciate some detail photos that I could send him. As a modeller I think you will know the areas of interest - where detail is usually hard to find. We have not been in touch before and I know time is precious for all of us so will understand if you cannot help. Cranswick aka Chris Thomas.
Good plan .......... done it before when someone said, after the event, pity you couldn't have got a shot of XYZ !!

Edit:- Forgot to mention, I also have some detail pics I took of the "Loch Ness" Wellington at Brooklands Museum, so I'll include some of those.
Terry, no special detail requested but we'd love some general shots of the new restoration and your shots of the restoration in progress. TIA Chris
OK Glenn, I'll see what I can do.
I presume it's still in the Conservation Centre. although much more advanced than when I last photographed it, about 5 years ago.
If it's possible, I'll try to get access, time permitting.

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