Pics of the F-82 twin mustang

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Nov 19, 2004
Dose any body have any good pics of the F-82 Twin mustang
try this:


Welcome to the site btw :D Ill post some more pics later.
I posted a picture or two of them that I had up in the WW2 Aircraft Forum if you would care to look there. I don't have too many however, only about eight of a thousand and most of my collection are either active gifs, paintings, or sounds.
Is your signature supposed to say Corsair?

I made the P-38 folder, I can post it right now though because something appears to be wrong with the coding on the site. Ill try and get horse to look into it and then ill post it for ya 8)
Its rather a large file and its takinga while to upload - I should be getting broadband soon though so it'll be appearing in a couple of weeks 8)

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