RF-82 Twin Mustang prototype

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Nov 3, 2022
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I've seen photos on Ebay from a magazine article on this plane about when it was tested, but not adopted. Do any other photos exist, or in better or good quality aside from this?
How about these?

North American F-82-Double Mustang.jpg

NA XP-82.jpg
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A single F-82B was converted into a photo-recon RF-82B in the late '40s:

In flight trials:



Pod in construction:


With and without pics:


To clarify, the designation RF-82 was never used; though a photo pod was tested on a P-82B (F-82B) bailed to NAA, the aircraft involved (s/n 44-65172) retained its production designation throughout.
according to article I saw 192 were built
i actually saw one at an air show with a B 36 in about 1950+-
I suspect that article was referring to 'standard' P-82/F-82. I've been through every P-82/F-82 record card, so can verify that the designation 'RF-82' was never used on a production or test model. It is however possible that in the early days a recce P-82 version was discussed, but it would have been designated in the 'old' system so would have probably been designated 'F-16', 'F-17' etc.
A single F-82B was converted into a photo-recon RF-82B in the late '40s:

In flight trials:
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Pod in construction:
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With and without pics:
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Images shown Allison engine powered F-82H, last block. The Merlin powered P-82B were in serial number range 44-65160- 44-65179.
Explain the noses being from Merlin powered Twin Mustangs? The Allison powered F-82E day fighters had 12 exhaust stacks (that were unshrouded) per side, and the supercharger intake mounted further back on the nose. Merlins had 6 shrouded exhaust stacks and the supercharger intake immediately behind the spinner.

Compare and contrast these photos:

Unless it's one of the F-82 F/G/H night fighters that was used for this, but those were mostly painted black until after the start of the Korean War and doesn't explain the supercharger intake positioning.
I should note that in my search for good books on World War II aviation subjects that I'm interested in that the P/F-82 Twin Mustang book that came out last year (which I'm def. getting soon!), there is a section with photos that details various pods that the F-82 carried experimentally, including the machine gun pod, and the "RF-82" camera pod.
Wondering if there's any other photos out there? I know that SDASM has quite a few related to this project that I'll be buying in maybe a month in a half.

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