Pics on the Lexington or Yorktown

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May 5, 2007
If you have any on the Lexington or the Yorktown to give me that would be nice. Im a super huge fan of the Lexington and the Yorktown
here you go


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To all - The pictures above are of the USS Saratoga. 5"-38 DP gun mounts were not installed on Lexington. Also, the number 3 on the forward end of the flight deck identifies the ship as Saratoga (CV-3). Lexington was CV-2.
Lexington was sunk at Coral Sea in 1942. I believe that both Lex and Sara mounted 8-8inch guns in twin turrets when launched but prior to Dec 7 those 8 inch mounts were replaced by 5 inch 38s.
The 8" guns were indeed removed from both ships but Lexington was sunk before 5" guns were installed. The 8" guns were removed from Lexington at Admiral Nimitz's direction during a scheduled refit at the end of March 1942.

The link below shows a photo of the Lexington at the outset of the Battle of Coral Sea (08 May 42) and and there are no turrets of any kind fore and aft of the island.

Hope this helps -


My pleasure. I may have cut off part of the URL when pasting it. Try going to NavSource main site (Photo Archive Main Index) then search on the Lexington from there (choose aircraft carriers from 'vessel type' menu on left; Lexington CV-2 is second on the list)

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