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Blitzkrieg Bop

Airman 1st Class
May 10, 2005
Ey my fellow ww2 aircraft FREAKS!

Im new on this site (man it ROCKS! Thanks for that) and i was wondering where you all get the pictures from. I am very much interested in everything what has to do with WW2 and im surfing alot on the internet looking for ww2 stuff, but i cant find this much pictures. You scanned it in or somethin like that?



Forgive me if the thousends of new people on this site before me asked the same.. :D
Rest assured, they didn't. Well, all the pictures on here have to be sourced now. Just look at the source.

Welcome to the site, and I hope you calm down on the crack... :lol:
Some are scanned, some from the web, and some are from member's personal albums. There are a few of us that either work around airplanes or volunteer to work with them, so we have a tendency to take a lot of pics.

Welcome to the site, Lammertjan.
I hope i will fit right in. I've also made my work out of my hobby's! (see attachment!!!)


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Yeah our albums have some great pics in, especially if youre after hardcore Italian aircraft :D (Quick...must brainwash him into loving the RA... :lol: ) Naw, welcome! 8)
Yeah i work on them as an engineer (i came just from school). 'Them' are Boeing 73's and 75's. Great aircraft but damn, those ww2 warbirds are really somethin else. Its is my first love together with my girl and 'my' boeings! I hope i will get to work on them someday.. (yeah, maybe EVEN on those hardcore italian ugly basterds! :lol:).
It's a beautiful plane. It's also one hell of a mean machine.

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