Pictures of Cold War aircraft.

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I always found the Royal Navy's version of the F4 interesting, with its RR engines, and extended nose gear for use on the smaller carriers of the British Navy, but just like the earlier war birds of WWII, most are just a memory today

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Source; Jet & Prop by FalkeEins

bit of info for you.............thats actually a 74 Squadron RAF Phantom FGR2.......but it might have been an ex Royal Navy F4-K as they passed them on to the RAF when phased out

that paint job was a special when the squadron was about to change to Hawks in a training role...........unfortunatly the aircraft had already retired and never flew in the scheme.......was just a photo oppertunity

A U.S. Navy Grumman S-2D Tracker anti-submarine aircraft on the port catapult of aviation training aircraft carrier
USS Lexington (CVS-16), 22 January 1963. The Catapult Officer is at left, giving the "launch" signal.


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