planning to get PF-AEP

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Dec 20, 2005
ive had IL-2FB since like 2003/2004 i kinda 4got :(

ok, how much is the store PF and AEP? just gives me of an idea how many times i have to skip lunch

and what is better 2 get first?

and are they still common in stores?
Get AEP first cos then you can add that to FB and its also cheaper...then get PF and merge all 3. I think AEP cost me about £6 and PF about £20, but that was a long time ago.
hmm, ive saved 300PhP this week (1$ = 50~51PhP) so i guess i can get AEP next week or so
Yep, that was his. I think it looks pretty slick too. :cool:
Yet another of the third-party models that fell by the wayside for a time. At least it was finally included though.
I picked up the complete DVD set for £12.99 from virgin megastore last weekend, bargain, got everything patched up, so now I've been flying on hyper lobby, mostly ukdedicated 1, same user name as on here, anyone else fly online?

The flight model is quite different from FB 1.2, I've gone from reasonably good in 1.2 to crappy n00b :( I have been flying more bombers though, managed to shoot down a 109 with a B-25, saw him sneaking up, switched to rear turret, let him get real close then blasted him good ;)
where is hyper lobby? i only play at cause i have no choice

I used to fly on WTF on ubi when I had 1.2 only, but since thats moving at the end of this month I decided to switch early. I think there are still some PF standalone servers on Hyperlobby though.

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