Plqns wantad for 72" span DH82a

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    Hi I have inherited a concept scale kit part built DH TIGER MOTH of 72" span for a .61 motor. Alas the plans are missing so building the wings could be a bit tricky as well as one or two other bits and pieces. I have a lot of experience and could possibly muddle through but I would not to if I can avoid it. I would be very grateful if anyone could lend me a copy to photocopy and return. also the instructions book as well if possible. alternatively copy and send to me and I will reimburse whoever the provider may be. i know I can buy one from concept but I am a hard up pensioner and over thirty pounds for a set of plans seems a bit steep. i may use an electric motor instead of glow or diesel. any ideas ? Also has anyone tried a motor from a DYSON rechargeable vacuum as a power source/ Finally a suggestion. Stick fake cylinders onto an out runner motor to represent a rotary engine. phone 01745850710 Cheers John. P.S. If anyone got stuf to give away or sell at low price or for a donation give me a ring. I am pretty skint and just getting back to the sport. Cheers J.M.

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