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Oct 3, 2005
I gotta joke for you It is a St patricksday joke.

These two Irishmen only have enough money for half a Pint
the two pass a meat shop and and buddy has an idea he says to his friend "give me the Pint money" - whatfor? his friend replied,
"just trust me" so buddy runs into the meat shop and buys and 8inch Sausage and leads his friend to the Pub, they order a bunch of beer,
Buddy's friend says? "how the hell are we going to Pay for this ya crazy bastard?"

Buddy has and Idea, he shoves the sausage into his pants opens the zipper and tells his friend to get down on your knees and start suckin, he does, the bartender sees this and is so outraged by this that he boots the two guys out, anyway his friend says "buddy ya crazy bastard did ya break the sausage on your landing?" Buddy says no okay lets try a few more pubs, so they did this same routine for about 12 pubs until Buddys friend said "Ok Ive had enough Im too drunk to carry on and my knees hurt" And Buddy says "How do you think I feel I lost The Sausage About 10 pubs ago"

Funny Stuff in here

These are links to certain clips from Stupid Videos Hilarious Stuff.

"British Attack"

"Russian Bride"

"Evil Penguin"

"Evil Penguin 2"


Heres some more

Annoying phone operator

"Stick Fighting Blooper"

"Bear Fight"
Man gets in a fight with a bear
http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=10 Must See
"Boyz In Da Hood"
Another step backwards for race relations

"Fighter Pilots Rock"
This has to be the coolest job in the world! Must See

"Mexican Midget Rodeo"
Fun times at the Mexican Midget Rodeo

"Why Men Don't Ask for Directions"Must See
I gotta nastier one for ya, I warned ya so please be kind on your reply.

A guy goes into a public washroom to take a piss,
he starts pissn when a midget walks beside him to also take a piss,
the guy peaks over and notices
the midget has an extremely large penis, and he asks him
"how do you have such a large penis"
"well you see IM a Leprachaun" the Midget replied
And the Guy ask's "could you make my Penis that Large?"
"Of course I can On one condition ya have to
get down and give me a bl**job" Replies the Midget
So he does it, it takes about 30 seconds to finish,
and the guy asks "So why isnt my Penis getting bigger"?
The Midget starts Giggling, "what" the Guy said,

"I cant believe you actually thought I was a Leprachaun
A friend of mine just sent me this


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"Fighter Pilots Rock"
This has to be the coolest job in the world! I know I have Already Posted This One But I just Love It, It Is just Amazingly Funny.


"Karate Kid"
This Marine is ready to take on the Cobra Kai and prove that he's the best around. http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=1205

"Army Gollum"
Gollum questions the Army's concern for his well-being - An instant classic! http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=1178

"Worst Singer In The World"
This guy actually thinks he's good!

"Airman Dance"
This airman sends off a jet in style.

"Beer Gut Tumble"
I'm too sexy for my shirt .. and too drunk to walk.

Heres a Saying......

Its the mans Obligation to stick his B*neration in the woman's S*paration to increase the Population of the younger Generation.

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