Polish Aerobatic Team "Eagles"

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Nov 9, 2005
The Polish Aerobatic Team "Eagles" is the first, and as for now, the only Polish virtual aerobatic team on the skies of the IL-2 Sturmovik series simulator. Our team was founded in July 2004, by Noe. The idea surfaced and was put into realization on one of the main communications means of the team, the Polish Ił-2 Lock On Forum. Currently, the team has 7 pilots who fly regularly and a few in reserve. Pilot positions are flexible for practical reasons, but not everybody can be a flight leader. Many of Our pilots have live pilot and glider licences and have advanced knowledge about about pilotage.
PAT "EAGLES" - Polish Aerobatic Team


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Two questions...and a comment:

1. How many hundreds (thousands?) of times have you crashed during practice?

2. Can you pull those stunts off in B-25s? :D

Comment. Truly amazing stuff gentlemen. I have about 3 hours seat time in a Cessna 152 as my only actual piloting experience so much of my relevant education comes from reading and playing this game. I'm always amazed at what actual pilots can come in and do with it.

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