Private Rolland Larsen - My grand-uncle's war file

Discussion in 'WW2 General' started by Maestro, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

    After nearly a year of wait, I finally received my grand-uncle's war file from Library and Archives Canada.

    I decided to condence the info and share it with you all... But I also need some info about some military slang/codes used in the file that I'm not quite sure what it means. Those therms are in bold.

    Now comes the part that leave me with serious questions...

    So from what I can read, he never went to the front... Even though my father told me that he wasn't the same upon his return in his family. (Which suggest he did fight.) But the fact he went AWL for four months suggest he didn't even cross the Atlantic.

    Any veteran on this forum can enlighten me ?

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