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Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK
Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a dedicated 'Profiles' album, instead of submitters having to put them all in 'Miscellaneous'?
cheddar cheese said:
Dont bite his head off, it was only an idea and one which i think is a pretty good one at that.
no wasnt' meant like WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!! was more like ok sounds good but not quite sure what you mean sry about the misunderstanding :D
what are you thinking?

Well you know what a profile is right? Well there are loads in the Misc album, so hes saying it would be a good idea for the profiles to have their own seperate album


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Dots are used to seperate sentences.... Nothing else.. Probably originated by someone who had the DT's and needed a fix while typing...

On the other hand, Ketchup and Eggs has made a few people question my sanity... That and Candy Corn... I just love em and a kid who works for me cant believe I actually eat em.....
I dont know what you mean by the DT's but you inadvertantly typed my initials...Youd think I get fed up with initials...Being called CC on here and DT in real life I might as well do away with my name altogether ;)

I dont see anything wrong with eggs and ketchup; but i dont like eggs so i never tried it...
;) Another smart ass moment, brought to you by Nonskimmer:

DT=Delirium Tremens (tremors). It refers to a bad case of the shakes, like you get when coming down from drugs or a powerful hangover. Not that I get them. :rolleyes:

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