Proud to be British?

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Apr 1, 2004
If you are, you shouldn't be.

For all the British people on here, I have to ask if you are proud of this **** HOLE , why !? Sure, the history of this nation is rich and full of victory ... we were the most powerful nation on the planet... but look at us now.

There's scum filling the streets, and there's going to be more foreigners than freakin' British soon. But that doesn't matter because 90% of the British are scumbags anyway living off yours, or your parents tax money. The "Chav" bastards that roam around my town are growing ever larger in number, and this country just accepts it like it's freakin' normal! Yet they cause grief for anyone that doesn't look like a complete ****in' moron, like they do. In five days I've had two incidents of these ****ing idiots starting fights on me ... because I'm a "sweaty" (That's **** FACE slang for a rocker) . Yet nothing gets done, the number grows ... the number grows and my patience slips away. How I would love to see those bastards slaughtered by the hundreds.

What does this country do that should make any Brit proud !? We ****in' sit here like a bunch of pompous twats insulting and abusing every nation on the planet. Well look at yourselves ! Your military is a ****in' shambles. Your government is a crooked piece of ****. Your money goes to waste on all sorts of bollocks. You appease every other ****er in the world. The country doesn't look after you, but it charges you for living here with some of the highest tax rates on the planet.

What makes America so bad!? All the British assholes abusing America just piss me off. "They're loud mouth" - Yeah, like most ****in' British **** faces ... shouting down the shits about "Eng-a-land" ENG-A-LAND !? Where the **** does the second A come from !? Britain has no right to call anyone loud mouth. America gets involved in everything - No they ****ing don't, and when they do at least they have the guts. All Britain does is shout about football ... and abuse America ... ranting on about how we didn't need America to win the war. Yah, we ****in' did. I get told all the time about how people hate the Yanks ... well NEWS - ****ING - FLASH BRITAIN , they're much better people than you are ! Just like most of the ****ing world are much better than you are. Tell me America thinks it's so big ... well, that's because they ARE. Much bigger than Britain ... ! I'm pissed off with people saying "I'd like to see an American fight in Britain, we'd just smash them with our keys ..." It's not something to be proud of that you'd use any weapon to injure this person. And talking about fighting doesn't make you hard ! It makes you a ****in' idiot.

Where's ****in' God when you need him !? We all know the story of Noah's Ark , well do it to Britain. Wash the scum into the North Sea - and watch 'em ****ing drown. Or America - just nuke Britain into ash.

The whole ****ing nation is one big **** hole. Every Brit should be ASHAMED of being British ! THe few decent people in this country know full well it's a **** hole , and probably wish they were somewhere else.

I'm ****ing ashamed to British. I hate this place more than I hate anywhere else. Everyone on this forum from any other country has no clue about how crap this place is. All that stereotype of pompous upper-class totty is bollocks. The British are a bunch of low-grade, up their own arses, monkey faced jackasses with nothing better to do with their time than add syllables to words and drink piss water as beer, get drunk and shout about football and fight. It's a ****ING **** HOLE !
plan_D said:
Your military is a ****in' shambles.

The whole ****ing nation is one big **** hole. Every Brit should be ASHAMED of being British ! THe few decent people in this country know full well it's a **** hole , and probably wish they were somewhere else.

I'm ****ing ashamed to British. I hate this place more than I hate anywhere else. Everyone on this forum from any other country has no clue about how crap this place is. All that stereotype of pompous upper-class totty is bollocks. The British are a bunch of low-grade, up their own arses, monkey faced jackasses with nothing better to do with their time than add syllables to words and drink piss water as beer, get drunk and shout about football and fight. It's a ****ING **** HOLE !

I'm sorry mate I think you are talking a load of CRAP.

I'm British and will always be proud of it and I'm very proud to wear the Queens uniform like I have for the pass 30 years, using words like shambles to depict our military only breaks the morale of the troops who are serving and may I say giving their life's for your country.

I have just one thing to say, if hate the country that much, which you state in your post,LEAVE. Now we live under the EU banner move to another member state and try their way of life for a bit. I lay odds you will return.
If I had the money, I would leave faster than you could tell me. Being in the military you're lucky enough to be free from what Britain has become. Wait until you leave and the government treats you like ****.

I have no problem with the British soldiers, they're dedicated and well-trained. But their equipment and funding makes them a shambles. They themselves have complained. Don't blame me because the morale is low when the lads on the front aren't getting body armour.

Unfortunately, the poor bastards dying in Iraq aren't dying for my country. They're dying for freedom in another nation, for which I have the utmost respect. But that doesn't mean this country ain't ****.

Tell me, where do you live ?! Being in the military, I assume you will live on camp, in single or married quarters. Y'know, when the RAF base was still open here it acted like a "second police force" as my dad refered to it. The RAF lads kept a lot of the **** in check. Unfortunately, the base closed ...and it seems to be the pattern. As the military gets smaller and smaller, the country gets shitter and shitter.

I have respect for you serving. But that doesn't mean you know anything about how **** this nation has become. You have a word with my dad, he'd say the same things as me ... and before you ask, he served 24 years in the RAF as an aircraft electrician, served in Northern Ireland, Falklands and the Gulf.
I do not live of camp, I have my own home for the past 20 years and so I have not been drawn into the secure way of life on a RAF Station.

I do see what is happening in the big wide world and around my local area. Maybe I'm lucky that I live in a place were my two daughters can go out and not fear for their life's at night.

Yes there are people I would love to have a go at, the kids that made my father have a heart attack and put him in hospital for 6 months, before I could get them, the police got their hands on them and two are inside, I believe in the law and the way it works.

I'm sorry it's just I do not hold the same views as you and yes I know that life will be a lot poles apart when I leave the mod.
You see, you live in an area where it is considered for your daughters to walk around at night. I do not. Once the RAF station closes in your area, the same will probably happen that happened here.

Those kids that put your father in hospital are not a rare occasion. They are all over the place. And the law is much too leniant on them, that's why the problem is growing.

You find nothing disturbing about the current state of this nation? The loud-mouthed individuals we see on the news out on the weekend, having sex in the street, fighting and collapsing infront of cars. And this is just on the weekend.

The people in this nation are either the scum, or accepting it. This is why the problem grows and grows. One of my friends is a policeman, who is also annoyed with the way the law let's so many people off. He often considers it a waste of time to arrest the people. That's bad. I heard on the bus, two lads that were 17 talking about the law not being able to do anything to them because they're under 18. Although they are stupid to believe that, it just shows why these idiots do what they do.

You have the protection of the RAF station's sphere around you. The military is the one place that keeps it's surrounding area together. But in the rest of the nation , it's gone to the dogs.

It's a shame because Britain built up a great amount of respect over the centuries. And it's all being thrown away by the lager-louts and scum we are letting roam the streets.
You have the protection of the RAF station's sphere around you.
Sorry again mate, not true I live over 2 hours from my place of duty, in fact I'm the only military person who lives in the street. So there's no sphere around me or my family.
We see what it going on around us and yes there are things that make us mad, so what to we all do, move, leave the country, I could if I wanted too, but I'm going too and why should I.....
I think there are issues, but nothing worth leaving the country for.

I personally do not feel safe walking around in the USA, it's not rational I know, but the feeling that many people possess guns is hard to shake...

If you do move country, go to Canada, which is awesome in every way...

Other countries in Europe seem to be poorer than the UK, again not rational, just a feeling you get wandering around.

France seems...empty..

Germany is nice, but they have different problems...

Spain is too hot, I couldn't live there in the summer..

Italy is interesting, but very poor in the rural areas...

Austria looks nice, but I don't understand them...

Maybe Switzerland is the best choice - it's certainly stunningly clean but somehow.. sterile...

I like the sheer age of Britain, there's deep rooted history here, and ultimately the Chavs will disappear as another footnote in the past...

Blah, I don't understand where my defence is on this question, but I do know that we are all born somewhere, and there's nothing we can do to change that.

Rule Brittania?

Not quite, but I ain't too unhappy...8)
If your gonna leave go to Sweden.

I don't really like Britain, if you walk around any town centre at night chances are that you'll get hassle from some chavs. They are the only social group I know that find their life is hanging around a bus stop, drinking wifebeater and white cider whilst scaring old people. I also hate the political correctness that is sweeping through Britain, the people making up the rules have no clue(they think everyone who is disabled is in a wheelchair and all youths like rap and skateboarding etc). Also Britain is a ****ing rip off!
Hey SS Tiger- we got that same politically correct crap here and it is truly screwing things up to where the minority in any subject gets more attention and the benefit of the doubt than the majority does. We also get that same lame "I'm leaving the country" stuff from a few after every election since each group at the time believes they simply can't live under the leadership of the other party. Been hearing that hogwash for 45 years that I can remember.
Clave said:
If you do move country, go to Canada, which is awesome in every way...
Heh. If only that were true. We have exactly the same sorts of problems here. Young offenders under the age of 18 can't be charged for a crime as adults, and almost always get let off with a minor slap on the wrist. The problem grows worse with each passing year, as more and more kids grow bolder and bolder. I've had cops tell me that they're practically untouchable (the offending kids). If it's simply a case of rowdiness or drunkenness or something like that, the police have their hands tied with them. They can't do a thing to them other than escort them home to their parents. If they even have parents. With the more serious offences, young offenders might get to spend a couple of years in the "concrete cottage", but their records get wiped clean when they become legal adults at 18. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Swarmings are on the rise almost everywhere, as well as car thefts, armed assault, major vandalism, and on and on. Kids just don't give a sh*t anymore.
Don't forget the street gangs, NS. Canada is getting more and more street gang crimes every years.

In the time of the "Bikers War", the gouvernment voted a new law in the criminal code : Gangsterism. Any group of five persons or more commiting a crime could be charged of gangsterism which could lead to 10 years of prison plus their original charge (murder, for example).

Unfortunately, since the bikers were sentenced, I never heard again of that law being used. Even with the street gangs.
I have lived worked in London all my life. and have seen how its changed over the years, and its not been for the better. I can see why Plan_D is so frustrated, especially when the young gangs of chavs the immigrants know how the system "works" exploit it to their advantage time time again and nothing is done to correct it. The politicians councillors of this country know this, but are either too weak, or politically correct to do anything about it. they spend most of their political careers feathering their own nests. There used to be a time when politicians had a vestige of honour and used to resign quickly if they'd been caught doing something wrong, but these days they have to be dragged kicking screaming from office (the gravy train) as they know that they'll never have their snouts in the trough to such a great extent again. you only have to look at the Clarke Prescott situations to see what i mean.

Its all too little too late. The'yre all too concerned with the "Human Rights " of the criminals, and the victims of their crimes can go to hell as they don't seem to matter.

This is modern society!! Whoopee.....
My mother, aunts, cousins and uncles have also issued complaints similar to those of Plan_D; in somewhat milder terms though. I´ve seen it happening as well.

I agree the conduct of a real large number of young people in the so-called First World is simply deranging. Add both legal and illegal immigration and the soup can really begin tasting nasty.

(For example, while staying here I have had the chance of seeing these real large group of people known as "spring-breakers" as they flood most mexican beaches; i am sure many parents from the U.S.A. would die immediately of a heart attack if they could see what their progenie do when they are not home.)

The vast majority of all First World nations -if not all of them- are certainly going through similar processes. (i.e. The USA and the tide of illegal immigrants from Mexico, central and south america; Australia; the European Union, etc.)

Now, Europe. Poor Europe.

I have serious doubts regarding the future of Europe. Although I do not use superlative terms to describe cities or nations, i do not believe neither in heaven nor hell when it comes to life conditions offered by any community, village, town, city or country. Mexico City offers me good things I will never find in Moscow, and viceversa.

Still, there is this possibility that the future of Europe could be somewhat blacker than apparently perceived by most people.

See, most people from the USA, Canada and western Europe, for instance, might perceive Mexico as hell on earth: poverty, utter corruption, crime, impunity, dirty cities...blah, blah, blah...but you know something? The people in this country enjoy a level of freedom the people of USA and, say, France or Germany can not even dream of.

No wonder i´ve been meeting a massive number of russian kids my age arriving in Mexico to stay (many of them after having had a taste of the real "American Dream").

Wildact is very correct in his comment: there are no perfect places; each of them having problems of differents kinds and for different causes.

(I believe there are paradises on earth though; they, however, cease to be paradises immediately after the first group of human beings arrive and decide to settle there. A paradise just got thrashed.)

Where there are human beings there are no paradises.

Now, back to the future Europe...there is this particular fact that I find totally amusing when I am in Europe:

Hearing and watching Germans complaining and issuing racist insults against Turks and other immigrants (those with brown skin or asian eyes).

How come this particular behavior is amusing? Simple, when you know of birth rates among "original Germans". See statistics. All you can do is laugh hard, real hard.

What have those "white Germans" -the pure ones- done in that particular department to help their nation? The response -which includes the majority of Germans-: NOTHING. ZERO. NULL.

So when they complain about their cities being flooded with immigrants all one can do is to laugh and laugh, real hard.ç

Utterly simple: nations require people in order to function as such. The state, a sovereign state, has duties to fulfill: internal security, social security, highways, judicial system, etc, etc. So, if the "locals" refuse to have children, then guess what clovis? People from elsewhere must be brought, and the possibility of these people having different religions, traditions, tastes and cultural backgrounds is real high if not the rule.

If a percentage of the population -a very significant one- refuses to reproduce themselves in such a manner the demographics of your nation will unavoidably get hit, then the government of your nation has critical issues to deal with.

I have had the chance of staying in Germany for a few months three or four times during my life. The majority of the German grown ups are a massive herd of loners...boring, depressing, unhappy people on this planet.

A large number of German men and women (those "original" Germans, the ones with white skin) simply REFUSED to have any children. The sole idea of raising a family has been rejected there. For whatever reason. Period.

A very similar thing is happening in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia, Belgium and France; also the spanish people are following a very similar path. (Funny to know of the Belgians angry at knowing the most common name for 3 consecutive years in the Register Office is precisely "Muhammad".)

So what can one think of a people, the people of a nation, that have simply REFUSED to reproduce themselves and continue being the people they are allegedly proud of being?

Is there a future for a people that reject the idea of reproducing themselves?

Who knows...probably yes, probably not; time will tell for sure.
Udet, that was a good post!

I think the problem in the UK lies with the parents. If the kids get detention the parents don't say like they would have 40 years ago "What have you been doing in school!!! Trouble again, wait til your father gets home he'll give you a good hiding!!!"

They say "How dare you put my child in detention!!! I'm going to sue the school!!!" or they'll threaten the teacher.
Now that the rich, mentally-deficient former fox-hunters have been deprived of their 'sport' I propose Chav Hunting. This could be a weekly televised event with Chavs released into the wild for the occasion, and allowed a half-hour head start.

To provide a balanced spectacle The Chavs would be allowed nets and spears, while the Chav Hunters or 'Chunters' as I like to call them would be on horseback, armed with sabres.

This means that if the Chavs co-operate with each other they will stand a chance, otherwise, not much hope...:twisted:

Of course this is in the preliminary stages, but one day it will be an Olympic event...
**** that ****. We should set up business ... people pay £200 ... we give them a weapon, they go out killing chavs and for every chav head they bring back we give them £50 ... we either make money, or they make money but we lose the chavs. Win-win .

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