R.R. Merlin 66

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Mar 23, 2004
Hello all!

Anyone in here know how long the R.R. Merlin 66 could run at 3000rpm (or just 3000rpm) before it overheated, this would be on the Spitfire Mk. IX with automatic radiators. And if anyone know please tell me at what altitude to!

Only something I want to point out...

I think you're wrong concerning the Mark IX. As far as I know, that Spitfire was powered by a Merlin 61, not a Merlin 66. Unless there is a variant of the Mk. IX that I don't know.
IXa Merlin 61 or 63
IXc Merlin 61 or 63
LFIXc Merlin 66
HFIXc Merlin 70
IXe Merlin 63
LFIXe Merlin 66
HFIXe Merlin 70

Plus MA587 which was a IXc which had a 6 Bladed Contra-Rotating Prop and a Merlin 77


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