Rabual/Papua New Guinea Ki-61's

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Aug 23, 2005
U.S/Jamaica W.I.
Hi All;

Looking for any photo's you may have of Ki-61 on either Rabual or Papua New Guinea. I'm trying to complete my research on the 78th Hikousentai, and still running accross various pictures I don't have here or there. Also, any photo's of the various bases would be great too....

Thanks for your help, if you require any additional info then just let me know ;)



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Thanks guys, I am already familiar with those websites, good ones to be sure worth re-mentioning...The restoration ones both of New Guinea Ki-61. Wildcat just an FYI the one you show is of the 244th Hikousentai which has a great site attached to it if you remember to click on every link you can find (as it is all in Japanese)... http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~s244f/ Lots of fantastic pictures there, the 244th Eastern District Home Defense one of the better known and documented units.

However, what I'm looking for are photo's of Ki-61 in "New Guinea"...Wreck pictures easy to come by but still surprises to be found if old pictures, a few from B25's strafing, yet fewer still taken by the Japanese.

See, ONLY the 68th 78th flew Ki-61's there.....What I'm really hoping for is Ol'Bob, who found the shoebox Grandpa had under the bed of old photo's, in it his time in New Guinea, or better still photo's he found and kept as the bases were taken over..........Believe it or not they are out there.....However most have not found their way onto the web yet. Yet am still finding surprises on the net.

Please post anything else you might find, I appreciate it greatly.


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