Raid on Area 51

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Only a week away. Get your tickets booked!
Apparently the raid has been cancelled due to "critical infrastructure needed was not provided for this festival." Instead, people are encouraged to attend the Area 51 Celebration in Las Vegas. Funny how "Mass Participation in the 2019 Darwin Award" was changed to festival
Who going? The military know that anyone who makes it can get a spaceship and that's quite the incentive.

Get rich or die trying.
Wouldn't local authorities be involved with festival related donut logistics?
Local LEO could be called in by the Military if the "festival" had the potential to breach their security, otherwise, whoever owns the land around Area 51 (some is still ranchland) can complain about trespassers.
Area51 is U.S. Government property, the local county Sherrif has no jurisdiction on base.

What happened to nariho13. You responded to his post but it's gone. All of his posts seem to be gone. Like he vanished. Maybe he knew too much about Area 51? :lol:
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