Raid on Area 51

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The Basket

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Jun 27, 2007
If you is in the know then you know that the Internet is planning a raid on Area 51 to liberate any aliens there September 20th.

Why don't the military just move the aliens somewhere else? Makes sense to me.
....and the guy that came up with this idea has apparently now Tweeted several times that it is a joke and will not be responsible when several hundred morons actually try and storm a heavy defended Area 51
I used to go there every June when coming back from our old Rte 66 run. Would spend a night in Rachel and the Little A-lee-in then the next day try to find the unmarked road that leads to Area 51 (used to be an unmarked mailbox to mark it). Many years ago the road lead all the way to the mountains surrounding the base and there was a lookout point that was known a Freedom Ridge where you could climb to and over look the entire base. Nowadays they extended the base line well beyound the mountains. As you approach the base chainlink fence those menacing Jeep Cherokees with blacked out windows are watching your every move. While it states that "Lethal Force" is authorized I've never heard of them actually shooting. They simply surround your car/bike/motorcycle, drag your ass out, call the county sheriff, arrest you for trespass. The real icing is that they then impound your vehicle and you don't get it back
I was told that the chainlink fence is actually 2-3 feet inside the actual base perimeter so even touching that fence make you a trespasser. I was also told that the guards are private contractors and not military. Guess that's so that if they shoot up a bus-load of nuns the military can't be blamed
I think the "liberators" aren't going to find anything. The grays left a long time ago when they realized that we are going to self destruct as a species. To quote a line from T2 ..."It's in your nature to destroy yourselves". What can I say, I'm an optimist. #-o
I think it would a great cosmic joke if the alleged Roswell UFO turned out to be nothing but an alien family SUV that had a breakdown on the way to the nearest pump and munch whilst on a vacation trip!
If you think about it. Them aliens got interstellar space sorted so them gotta be some dumb ass aliens who get themselves captured and incarcerated by the US military.

They sure never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
Invading Area 51 can be construed as a hostile act and if the military responds with lethal force.............................

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