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What is the depicted thing?

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Nov 3, 2004
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What is it? Vote in the poll above.


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Okay, it's a mushroom. It is the kind "Pleurotus ostreatus" and it is somewhat a substitution for meat - not only looks like meat but also kinda tastes like it. :)
Pisis said:
It is the kind "Pleurotus ostreatus"

Whats the common name for it? I looked through all my mushroom books and couldnt find that anywhere....
Oh, yeah Oyster, I knew I had the word somewhere back in my head but couldn't remember... Thanks.

NS - it's an eatable mushroom.... :lol:


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mushrooms are really like a drug for me (as is overall all meals) but not for the hallucination effect but for satysfying my stomach and tounge cups. :D
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
Oyster Mushrooms are good, but I like Phefferlinge (and I know I spelled that wrong) the best. I do not know the english name for these mushrooms though.

Pfeferlinge - in Czech its called "Foxes"...

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