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Sep 19, 2005
Phoenix, AZ
I am seriously considering getting the game, as my COD2 is getting a bit repetative. I have a Nvidia 6200 video card, and if its any indication about other things, I can run COD2 with all the settings set on the best possible graphics. Can I support the game? If so, is it easy to find? Can I customize my plane without having to get skinning lessons? Finally, is there a crosshair like in SWON on easy (or whatever the easiest difficulty is) so I can get used to firing at enemy planes and hitting?
Once I have the game, I shall be feared as the returning MacArther (not likely :lol: ), with the Red Baron's scheme as my personal paint job, If I can find a skin for it (on all the planes I will likely play as: P40, Bf-109, and JU-88)
Yes m8. It's a Paid Add-On for FB/AEP/PF as you can see.

You get new Skins, Campaigns and Single Missions and if you look to the left you will see the rest in the series: Wings of the Jungle etc... 8)

There is a site where you can download the demos :D
I got more concrete details: I use a Nvidia 6200 video card. Will it still run? One other thing, does anyone know someone who would be willing to skin a plane (or more) with a custom skin for me? I say custom, because there is no design like the one I am thinking about.
I know how to make skins, but it's hard cause when im photoshopping i dont know which part of the plane am i really skinning?

yes the game suppots NVIDIA 6 families, heck i only use a GeForce2 M/MX400
I run it on my 2 year old laptop with nothing but onboard video, it barely runs, but it does run ;)

you should no trouble

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