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Aug 21, 2006
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Any thoughts of how Sovjet Union would looked like if the loosely allied anti-Bolshevik forces known as the White Army had won over the Communists forces known as the Red Army in civil war between 1918-1921? Would they have a chance to rescue the Tsar family? If not, who would become a Tsar?
How would it have affected the military? Would we still have seen the uneasy treaty between Germany and in this case Russia? And Barbarossa?
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I couldn't find the right place to put this question, since I didn't notice a "Between The Wars" forum. So if this is the wrong spot, feel free to move it and accept my apology....:)
Great question. If the Whites win, Russia becomes weak democracy. But at some point, a strong man takes over. It's just happened so many times in the past (and now) that it is the standard script.

As to going to war with them, anybody's guess is a good one. On one side, the Germans invaded Poland and Russia saw herself as the protector of the Slavs. On the other side, even that title didn't stop the Soviets from taking half of Poland.

The Romanovs are dead ducks. Died during the Civil War. No way they come out of it anyway but feet first.
Just thought that I'd bring this thread back to instead for starting a new one....
As winter is approaching us rapidly, I thought that I'd stock up on some books, among these books about Russia and its history, revolution etc....can't beat a good book and a dram can you...? :lol: While the winterstorms are blowing outside....
So, does anyone have any books to recommend?
Just think of the lives saved if Stalin would never have been in power ...Not that some other mad basterd would not take over ... But if Stalin had not been in power would the Russians of have the nut and will to stop the Nazi's..

One part of history that "I'm" not up on real well is the 1918-1922 time in Russia... Anyone have any info on who "mite" of run Russia if the White's had won??...

What would of happend all centers around who would of run the country "I" would think...
First thing first, it would not have been the Soviet Union if the Whites had won. Secondly, Hitler would not have been such a hatred for the hypothetical Russia because they would not be bolsheviks.

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