Rusty VW's!!!

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Great stuff R-2800.

Now that you are on the VW subject I have very sad news for you guys that love VW clasic cars. Here is SA we have a VW Museum where all the last of a kid VW are housed and some of them tose that were the last one build. NOw VW had a big rally in Cape Town and they took the Clasic VW cars out of the Museum and put them on a truck drove to Cape Town, but when they came back the truck over turned and most of all those clasical cars destroyed. The last VW beatle build here, a Audi Passat, a VW Kombi were just some examples of what were destroyed, they were the last build of their type and model here is SA.
Yup mate that is how the guys at the VW Museum here feal, the poor guy that drove that truck, it is not really his fault, they make them work way to much.
that is just so sad and there is no way to replace them.. well at least it wasn't a load of "Hebs".......... :shock:
no i mean Hebmullers

i don't know that specific one but they built them from 1949-1953, but only made about 750 due to a fire. i don't know about the model though probebly standerd

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