Sad news....

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Bit more bad new lads im afraid a Chinook has gone down in a sand storm near Kabul I believe they said 19 on board have been lost
I hate bleeding accidental casualties even worse than combat.
I didn,t mean that combat losses are not regretable Evan, as you rightly say they are all sad its just that the reason for the deaths of combatants are more readily understood. I find loosing a mucker because of an accident is harder to take as far me personally is concerned.
I hear what you are saying. It would be nice if someday these kinds of things wouldn't happen (wars) and all that money and energy could be used to solve the world's problems. Sadly, I don't think that day will come in my lifetime, or even my son's.
Well said gentlemen my feelings exactly and to be Honest I truly believe that the majority of people on the world are not violent and are very much of the live and let live variety but we all seem to get dragged down to the lowest common denominator which is very unfair on the rest of us
but one day lads lets hope as you say Evan people will use their energises
in constructive rather than destructive ways Id love to see a world government with no boarders and no poverty and all our kids what ever race,creed or colour living happily and the advent of modern cheap travel I think has been a significant step in the right direction 100 years ago international travel to see other culters was for the rich only. now the world has shrunk and a lot of bigotry with it.
I have to admit I had pre-conceptions about The USA and Canada before I went there all I had ever seen was what I saw on the TV but when I arrived everybody had the same hopes and fears as me. So we may have different cultures but we have far more in common than we have differences Good on you USA and Canada and the rest of the world for that matter. Peace too everybody Hows that for otimism Evan there's no harm in hoping is there ;)
Good point, trackend. I will be the first to admit I knew little of the world before I went into the military. I grew up in a small rural town in Wisconsin. It was pretty sheltered. Because of the military, I got to see a lot of the world and meet some great people and experience other cultures.

I spent three years in England and loved it, aside from the weather. It was interesting in East Anglia as I knew many families that didn;t have a car, telephone or television! I found it hard to imagine because we always had those things where I came from. Then I realized that they were not much different than I was on the basic level. They didn;t have those things, but they were still fine. I really enjoyed going to places "off the beaten path" where Americans didn;t normally go. I was always treated well and as long as I was respectful, so were they. Almost all of the Britons I came across were very nice. It was pretty much the same in most of Europe as well.
It's funny, but I didn't really have to join the military to learn the basics of British culture. As I was telling Med once, the region of Canada that I grew up in celebrates it's British roots to a degree, and it's reflected somewhat in much of the culture here. My great-grandmother was English too.
Joining the Navy allowed me to experience many cultures, but when I first visited England it seemed very familiar in many ways. I like it there. :)
In my travels in the States I found that if you can get away from the bland corporate stuff - shopping malls and Starbucks, it always improved 110%.

In my experience, you have to go looking for it, but when you find what I call the 'real' America, I.E towns with a high street that has individualy owned shops and bars, and where they don't mind if the paint has chipped a bit, or have to say fake sounding greetings when you enter, it's always been great.

The other thing that's really good about Americans is that they generally have this 'can do' mentality. I guess it stems from the days of pioneers.

Instead of talking about doing something for ages and then allowing it to sputter out, they'll talk about it for as much as is necessary, and then go off and actually do it - usually at full throttle.
I have to say that of all 3 different countries Ive been to that Britian is probably best. Spain has too many Brits living there and theres no sence of culture (in the part I went to anyway) and the French are just rude. I like the South of France, but the people just ruin it for me.

However, if you include the Principality of Monaco then that blows Britian into the weeds. I love it there :D

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