'Sally B' at Duxford

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Apr 21, 2005
Perfidious Albion
Did anyone get any pictures of 'Sally B' at Duxford as she came over with both engines smoking in the finale of the display?
It wasn't the final display. But here's one I took.


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This was taken during a practice. Apologies for those who saw it on the other thread.


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Nice ones guys! Here is how I remember the Sally B, circa 1986. Sorry for the crappy scans.


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Great shots fellas
There was a few damp eyes at the Legends show when Sally made her fly past trailing smoke (quite a few Veterans there civvies from the period)
There is a bit of good news about the Sally I learned on Sunday.
If you remember the old B was looking like it may be grounded due to new EU insurance reclassification which classed planes like the Sally B as commercial aircraft, the Insurance companies have come up with a really good deal for the next season on her premium and the EU have admitted an oversight regarding historic planes like the B. So with a bit of luck by the end of next year they will have amended the legislation for all aircraft of the Sallys class or historic planes.
There wasn't a tear in my eye - and my brother's girlfriend was asleep, so I don't think she was crying. How she could sleep through the two B-17s taxiing right past us I will never know.

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