Save the B-25 "Heavenly Body"

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) policies are forcing rent increases that only corporate jets, increasingly can afford.

The historic WWII North American Aviation B-25J Mitchell Bomber "Heavenly Body" faces eviction from the Van Nuys Airport (VNY) in Van Nuys, California as well as the smaller propeller-driven, general aviation aircraft based at VNY, which LAWA controls.

Private pilots who can't afford the increases will have to seek space at more remote airports; yet alternative airstrips such as Camarillo (CMA) and Lancaster (WJF) are too far and already crowded.

For its all-volunteer crew, distance is a major issue for the B-25, since they work on her maintenance nearly seven days a week. Incidentally, the other Whiteman Airport (WHP) is not an option for the B-25 because its runway is too short and Burbank Airport (BUR) is a commercial airport and is limited for General Aviation use.

In particular, "Heavenly Body" has been at VNY since 1972. During the last 35 years, "Heavenly Body" has not only developed into a recognized historical icon at the various air shows and events it travels to throughout the year, but has also evolved as a classroom to connect present generations to our common history of this country’s past. It is of value to the community. VNY is its home.

The Van Nuys Airport is, and has always been, an airport to serve the general aviation public, regardless of the size of aircraft -- from big-business jets to small propeller planes.

VNY is owned by the city of Los Angeles, which makes it a taxpayer-supported airport. This should at a minimum, give all aircraft owners that use VNY and at its utmost, residents of Los Angeles a voice concerning its future use.

Please sign our petition to help save our resident propeller planes at Van Nuys Airport, and to support the continued well-being of our precious historical asset, this vintage restored WWII B-25J Bomber, "Heavenly Body".

Saving Resident Propeller Airplanes and the B-25J WWII Bomber "Heavenly Body" of the Van Nuys Airport, CA Petition
Too bad Eric, these fools are pushing small GA out of the basin, but they been trying to do this for years. Move em to Camarillo or Fox Field!
I may be late to this discussion, Is the B-25-J still up at Van Nuys? What can be done to keep it located there? I'd appreciate someone to bring me up-to-speed on this issue. Thanks

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