Schwarzpanzer's sources

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Feb 6, 2005
A picture of that Tiger Ausf.B's frontal armor having been penetrated would be a welcome treat to begin with!

(Sorry to the rest of you, but I have just had enough!)
Any of his sources would be a welcome treat! I haven't had one in all the time I've been discussing with him.
I've seen a picture of a King Tiger's frontal armour that's been pierced. I don't have it. But I do know the story behind it, and it wasn't pierced in combat. The said King Tiger was turret #502 and was used as target practice, and shot to pieces by varying calibres and cannon of the Soviet inventory. In the picture all the pot marks around the eventual hole are clearly present.
Yep, hit over 100 times all over with anything from 50-152mm guns. It was truly shot to pieces. And the 100mm D-10 projectile which penetrated the front turret hit right where the gun-sight was situated, one of the weakest spots on any tank.
The cannon most used, I've heard, was the A-19 122mm cannon. Also, the first cannon to fire on Berlin.
Yes, that is true.
Henk that is the link to the Russian test where litterally hundreds of rounds had been thrown at the tank even before the real testing began - In truth it is worth absolutely nothing.
It worked last night, ag well. Soren they stripped the tank hull and turret of everything and then took it to the test ground and shot it up like the holes in cheese.
That was actually stupid of those idiots to shoot at a tank while it is not moving with that kind of artillery and think they are so great to shoot it pieces. Idiots.
Not so idiotic depending on how you stage it and what you tell people. It could with the right background be used to fool people into thinking it was knocked out in the field, although with the amount of ammunition to hit it and destroy it I think the German Tank crews were in more danger from mechanics than most of the Russian Tank Crews. Even a T-34 was supposed to have a bit of a hard time penetrating the armour. Yes, it could do it but not all the time. Also how much training would the German Tank Crews in their tanks like King Tiger and the rest have had in relation to the Russian Tank Crews of the T-34 and the rest?
"Even a T-34 was supposed to have a bit of a hard time penetrating the armour. Yes, it could do it but not all the time."

The T-34 couldn't penertrate the King Tiger's frontal armour ever. The T-34 cannon wasn't even powerful compared to it's German counter-parts.

The King Tiger was designed for the Western front, because the designers knew the weight was going to be massive and the West road networks would hold it up. Whether or not the King Tiger saw more action on the West or East, I don't know. But I'll take Erich's word.
They couldn´t defeat the glacis (upper frontal hull), but there is high probability that a T-34-100 may defeat the lower hull or the turret front, even the T-34-85 may do so from very close range and at direct impact angles.

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