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Jul 2, 2006
Kiwi Land
The Catalina factory pics I recently posted are from the following web site.


And I can gaurantee you will book mark it for future reference if for nothing else than the links page.

I have had some emails with Bryan, the owner. And he is a genuinly nice guy.

So go have a peek and make sure you have 20 minutes at least to look around.
Yes, good site, I wrote this one down for future looking at and taking the images and plans off it for personal use...
What a wounderful Site!!
I have used it before for finding aircraft and will keep looking for the ones I love and photos for my sig. Seaplanes are not as loved as they should be.8)
Mosquitoman> Thanks. It is from a model I found. From time to time I like to change them. Will be looking for a new one soon. I like Seaplanes and B-24s, and other bobers. Nose art aswell. :)

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