Sexual agressions in the Canadian Army...

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I just heard that on the news today. There would be a lot of sexual agressions within the Canadian Army. A reporter interviewed a victim at the 5 : 00 PM news.

The girl, who was in the Navy during the first Gulf War in 1990, got raped by a high-ranked officer. After a lawsuit, the officer was sentenced to pay $150.

A while later, an other officer put his hand between her legs and grabbed her pussy while she was bent over. (The story doesn't tell where it happened... May be in the locker room.) So the girl turned around and punched the officer.

Then, the officer prosecuted the girl who was sentenced to pay $450 to the asshole. The judge said that a girl could not defend herself in the army... She had to let the f*cker do what he wanted to do and then prosecute him.

There were 175 reports filed for sexual agressions in 2004 and over 150 others in 2005.
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