Short stirling

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Geoff Craig

Jan 18, 2004
I would like any images of Short Stirlings MkIII if possible and any images of 75 Squadron RNZAF in 1943



Here ya go :D

The bottom one you will find interesting as it's a Picture taken of a Stirling in KG 200 - It was sooon repaired and few with the said German Unit.

I will hunt around to see if I can find you some 75 Squad Stirlings in the next few days, M8.

Hot Space
Still trying to find some 75 Squad Stirlings _ no luck so far :cry:

But if you go over to the "Wallpaper/Picture Album" there are some cool shots of a S.S in the German KG 200 Unit, M8 8)

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i just bought a huge visual encyclopdia bout ww2 aircraft, an that's got a hell of a good picture of a stirling getting refueled, but sorry, i can't scan it, it's 2 big! :cry:

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