Snake vs. Cow

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Apr 12, 2005
Washington State
Okay. What's the verdict?


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You think its real Gnomey? Christ, if the cow is 3ft long (lets conservatively assume that it is a calf), then 20+ft of snake shows. And it doesn't look like the tail is even close to where the picture is cropped!
Certainly looks real. Can't be a full size cow though. The d@mn snake would be the double for the Harry Potter Slitherin mascot.
so cobras and rattlesnakes don't scare you? :D
It is not real. I know quite a bit about snakes. I used to have several as pets. I only have one now and as a matter of fact my python is coiled up right next to me right now it its terrarium in my house. Granted my python is only about 5ft long right now and will only grow about another foot.

First of all a snake can not eat an animal when it is facing downward like that. It has to tilt its head and body back and use its ribs and muscles to squish the prey down its throat along with the help of gravity.

Second look for the tail of the snake. Do you see it? No it is blended in with the rock face.

Below are some pics of my python eating. These pics were taken about a while back when it was eating mice. Now she is eating small rats.


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Cool Adler. Do you think the snake is eating the cow? I didn't. Looked like it grabbed a drowned cow (ref: Lanc) and is trying (vainly I might add) to pick it back up to the ledge. What looked kinda goofy to me in the pic was how precarious the snake looks. It seems to be struggling with lifting the cow and close to falling off the ledge. Surely it can't lift it and all of its weight hanging of the ledge could it?
I dont think it is either. I think it is a doctored photo.

Snakes are not scavengers. They dont go around findind dead animals. They find there prey by the warmth of the body of the animal they are going to kill. If the animal is allready dead they wont even bother with it. Therefore a dead and cold cow in the river will not be found by a snake.

The only snakes that will eat dead prey are captive snakes and they can be tought (with a bit of luck) to eat frozen rats. The rats have to be heated though before you put them into the snakes terrarium or they will not bother to even find it.

I dont bother trying to teach my snakes to eat dead food. I would rather allow them to do what snakes do and that is kill there prey.

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