Some Pics from "Kermit's Garage"

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Apr 13, 2006
Hi All,

First post. I enjoy all the great material post here, so it's payback time! I had the recent privilege to visit the behind the scenes hangars at Fantasy of Flight in Orlampa, FL. Hope you like them.


I'll post more soon.


  • DB605 Port Side.jpg
    DB605 Port Side.jpg
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  • DB605 Starboard Side.jpg
    DB605 Starboard Side.jpg
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  • DB605 Three- Quarter.jpg
    DB605 Three- Quarter.jpg
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  • F6F-3 Starboard Canopy.jpg
    F6F-3 Starboard Canopy.jpg
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  • F6F-3 Starboard Exhaust.jpg
    F6F-3 Starboard Exhaust.jpg
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Hey All,

Here are some P-38 Pics from "Kermit's Garage". I don't know the story on this bird, but it obviously has been seriously damaged, and in need of rebuild, but that offers some rare interior views. Hope you like them. Sorry about the enormous size of the pics. I will look at resizing in the future.



  • P-38 Starboard Engine.jpg
    P-38 Starboard Engine.jpg
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  • P-38 Starboard Side.jpg
    P-38 Starboard Side.jpg
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  • P-38 Rear Center Nacelle.jpg
    P-38 Rear Center Nacelle.jpg
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  • P-38 Front Center Nacelle.jpg
    P-38 Front Center Nacelle.jpg
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  • P-38 Engine Port.jpg
    P-38 Engine Port.jpg
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