Somebody explain this to me please

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Oct 3, 2005
What the fuck is this?


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Well... the whole thing with Finland in WWII was sorta wierd. First they fought the Russians... then they fought with the Germans... then they fought against the Germans. So that might be why you feel a little wierd about seeing a once Axis country flying a Hurricane.

BUT WAIT!!! All that above has absolutely nothing to do with seeing a swastika on a Finnish aircraft!! That was their symbol from the beginning.
That is the hakaristi or hakenkreuze (hooked cross), and its been a Finnish military symbol since the beginning of the 20th century.

It is a traditional heraldic device in England, Russia, most of the Nordic states, Poland, Holland and Spain. It even crops up in ancient Trojan and Mesopotamian dig sites now and again. It is universally used in Japan to mark places of religious or spiritual importance. You see it on temples, maps and shrines all over Japan, particularly the Buddhist ones.

The swastika is a religious symbol used frequently in Hinduism and Buddhism and is also found in indigenous North American symbology. In Indonesia it is the symbol for 'all power', taken from animist beliefs of a single non-corporeal creator. It is actually a traditional symbol in a lot of Asian nations, China and Korea being chief among them.

Just because it was used by one regieme as their national symbol for 12 years, doesn't mean that we should recoil in horror every time we see it. To millions upon millions of people it has nothing to do with war, nazism or racism, and is actually a symbol of peace or religious devotion.
Yeap. The Finnish were using it well before the Nazi's did. Hell even the American Indians still use the symbol today. It does not mean anything bad at all, just people think that because of Hitler and the Nazi's.

That Hurricane you see up there Hussars is just a Finish plane and nothing more.
What does an Italian Plane have to do with a Finnish plane?

And im still confused about the Russo-Finnish War. I thought Finland declared an alliance with Germany but when they were conqured by Russia, they were out of the war. They still kept fighting?
Finland negotiated a separate peace with the Soviets and effectively dropped out of the war. They were never conquered by the Soviets.

If I'm not mistaken, the Latvian air force used the symbol of a red swastika for a time too, before they were annexed by the Soviet Union. Again, as was the case with Finland, it had nothing whatsoever to do with Nazism.
swastika history

One can find the swastika on WW1 a/c.

Even the zionists have their own swastika

Notice the orientation of the German swastika compare to the Finnish one


some trivia:

- Coca Cola in 1925 as a lucky watch fob promotion
- 1916 logo for an Edmonton girls' hockey team
- American pilots used it on their planes when they fought for the French in World War One.
- it was the symbol for the Ladies Home Journal sponsored Girls' Club and the Boy Scouts.
- A town in Ontario was named Swastika in 1911 because of a lucky gold strike.
- During World War I, the swastika could even be found on the shoulder patches of the American 45th Division. :eek:

A link with various ethnic swastikas,
It does look odd, not only because it's an allied plane with a swastika but because of the color scheme with the baby blue on white...
P38 Pilot said:
What does an Italian Plane have to do with a Finnish plane?

Such a simple mind. :rolleyes:

The Hawker Hurricane up there is a British plane but used by Finnland. Do you think that the Italian plane could have been bought by Finnland?

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