"Somewhere in Italy" - new 15-th AAF book

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Sep 15, 2006
Received information about this book in my email-box:

Written by a B-24 navigator from the 758BS. /459 BG. it describes the last year of the war in Europe.
Check the link below for more information and pricing:
Somewhere In Italy
For 15-th AAF "aficionados" it will be a great read.


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Feb 9, 2007
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Glad to see more appearing on "The Forgotten Fifteenth" besides the Tuskegees, who by actual count probably have more Google hits than the rest of the 15th AF combined! When I was writing Forgotten Fifteenth an 8AF guy whose name many would recognize said, "Why are you writing about them? They were down there in Italy."

I said: "Because they helped win the war."

Denny G

Jan 7, 2009
Ames, Iowa
My wife's uncle, John Fox, was a Liberator pilot in the 8th and flew the Black Cats (Black something anyhow) that dropped clandestine people and things into Europe. For a time he was with a squadron that was co-stationed in Italy with the 15th. I have read some 8th Air Force history but I feel this squadron was short changed, and that the 15th's historian might not have paid them too much attention, either. I have seen his logbook, though. Quite amazing to be able to read a pilot's actual handwriting.
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