Soviet Test of captured JG 54 Fw 190A-4

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Looks like it was damaged. Not only is the spinner imbalanced, but the nose cannon has a HUGE wobble to it. Wouldn't get me up in that thing.
The excellent film.It seems it was made for Russian pilots to tell them that Fw190 was nothing impressive.In cocnlusion the speaker's voice said that BF-109 was much better and Fw wasn't a technical sensation.Besides, it is stated that Russian fighters were the best.As far as the captured Fw and its damaged propeller are concerned, I've found the pic in AJ-Press book "Fw 190 A/F/G - monografie lotnicze " no.18.It is possible that it shows the same a/c.According to a description below the shot this Fw 190 A-4 142310 was from 2./JG54 and was flown by Uffz.Helmut Brandt who was later murdered in a Russian POW camp.On 13 January 1943 the pilot was forced to land on the Russian area by the propeller damage which was caused by improper synchronization of the weapon.It was the first captured by Russian, Fw 190 which was able to fly.The propeller was taken from unknown source.


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The wobble is just from the spinner which was damaged and reinstalled - if the prop shaft was that out of alignment, it would of shook the gear box and crank shaft apart in minutes. I think they put different blades on after disassembling the prop hub...

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