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Nov 22, 2004
Would you agree there are certain musical styles which should not be either danced or sung by determined groups of people?

Having been to Brazil is that i tell tourists from North America and Western Europe it is time to consider the possiblity of leaving the dancing of the music on this video to the brazilians...and brazilians only. (Also possibly to Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans from the Caribbean area).

Saw tourists from the USA, Canada and Western/Northen Europe trying to dance it, and they looked...well...not that very nice to say the least; no matter how hot the blonde could have been, they did not look good.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoblz9g13NA

So if you go to Brazil with your wife or girlfriends and you see brazilians telling them they are "doing it just fine", do not believe them! PLEASE 8)

Do you know of any other examples which should not be tried by a specific group of people?
I have never been to Japan.
I have never tried karaoke.

But the stereotype among movies that I've seen are very bad examples of American music being performed by poor Japanese impersonators.

Again I haven't been there and this may be an untruth but it makes me cringe....kinda like "She Bang, She Bang"..
I am not into generalizations of people or cultures. There are people from the US and other places that can indeed dance. But it is one thing to be raised in an environment where the dance is part of the culture, and another thing altogether to be having to learn it for the first time, never having been exposed to it.
I happen to disagree also with this. I took dance lessons with my wife together for several years. We can do a pretty good Tango, Salsa, Merenge (spelling?), Paso Dueble (spelling, I like to call it the Zoro Dance :lol:), and Samba.
Adler: it is "Merengue", a musical style that comes from Dominican Republic, and that is very popular in most latin american countries across the Caribbean Sea.

Had the opportunity to dance Merengue with a real hot cuban lady in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, on the beach. She told me i was "great".:lol: :lol:

The other is "Paso Doble", this one being a more international latin type of dance.
Yes I know Merengue is from the Dominican Rep. Me and my wife actually got to show off our Merengue when we were in the Dominican Republic in Aug of 2005.

My favorate though is the Paso Doble. That one believe it or not to me the longest to get down. I have been working on it for several years now.

Thanks for the spelling corrections though! :lol:
I like listening to space music (I have worked in a planetarium). Kinda hard to dance to Jonn Serrie.


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