Spitfire Mk 8 Wing and tail

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Aug 21, 2006
The pictures are of the two different types of wing and tail of the spitfire Mk 8 diagrams that I found at the National Archive in Australia

Enjoy Micdrow


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Luckyone and bigmac, if you two have a beef with each other please take it off the public message board and send private emails to each other.

Bigmac and Luckyone - I'm telling both of you straight up - I absolutely HATE when people come on here whining about copyrights of 60 year old aircraft design drawings. With that said I will not tolerate this exchange of mindless bullsh!t to continue. If I hear any more mention about copyrights on this site I'll boot both of your @sses the hell out of here. I hope I've made my self abundantly clear!
Hi I apology One More time
I try to be part of this Forum

:shock: I have no friend and I do not know what Big Mac are talking about

Anyway I make myself clear about this issue :eek:

I do not know Big Mac and I feel a little big scare some one attack what I say and share with somebodyelse

I agree 100 % with FLYBOYJ and Micdrow

and I suppose I will be passive reader ..

One more time I apology if I have cause a trouble ..:oops:

This forum is just great and I like it ..:cry:
Appreciate the apology but feel free to participate. That's what makes this forum a cut above IMO.

I agree with FlyboyJ, My advice participate with the group. Get to know them. Answer questions when you can, make friends.

Suggestion though, If you do own a business dealing with selling of aviation stuff. I wouldnt go shouting about copy right laws and pointing fingures. Personally after reading all the humble jumble I wouldnt want to buy from those company's. Why, because it makes them look like they are in it for the money and only the money. Not to preserve the history behind it and it show that the company cares and takes pride for the history about them.

Good example of some one here. Ron Handgraaf. He posts manuals in pdf files but locks them so they can only be previewed. The unlocked versions can be purchased though him in a cleaned up version. He stays very low key but is liked by lots including my self.

If you do own a company, post samples. There are a variety of ways to do it but do it gradually and quietly.

If some one pisses you off let one of the monitors do the bashing, its what we are here for. If we miss it then send one of us an email or email the person youself privately and see if you can work it out between you. Publiclly will only get you and the other one in trouble.

Ok, Im off my soap box.
At last you got a detailed drawing of so and so part of the aircraft from one of the sources. You got too detailed dimentions and sizes of the part or in a whole. That is marvelous.

Let's draw one's own plan in 1/48 scale, for example. That will make modeling a lot exciting. You can boast of your model to other poor guys that you had corrected this and that on this popular kit, and yours got be a lot more AUTHENTIC.

Your model is a heap of your knowledge and research and your pride including in such a color here or in another there, over other people, a while. Then one of your friends will say " OK you made that one with your own manufacturing torelance that is say plus or minus 1mm on any models in any scales you make. That is great."

That is the thing.


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