Spot the mistake!

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"Known as the 'Minimi', the Infantry's Light Machine Gun is a belt-fed weapon firing 5.56mm ammunition."

Perhaps 7.56mm NATO instead?

You mean apart from the bunch of sad sacks in the second boat standing up saying "ME TARGET" just to get in the pici. :p

or this line from #2

You don't need to worry about anything else coming off that because everything is paid for."

PS. Just for Syscom, cause he gots a degree.

# = number.
And the gormless look on the faces of Hart and O'Malley... Not to mention what they say... ("New skills such as patrolling!" :?: :!: :?: :!: What other skills are there!!! One of our PSIs maintained that if a unit was good on patrol skills, everything else just followed. To a considerable extent, he was right.)

Aye, an' it's nae the British Army I wor a member of, laddie! Adler is right. It is a differen' war these days!
Nowt diffrent at t' front laddie.

Fight same, bleed same.

Just how news gets home, tis different.

Used to think the lads had it different and easier these days, that was arrogant ( go on pick the typo) and wrong. We were different in a different time, under different conditions.

Nowt different about the war or the casualties, just how it is reported instantly to anarok wearers.

Ok didn't see that one...
Patrols exercises kick a**. Seems easy to the outsider - but forming good patrol and movement to contact skills require a lot of time and work. Amazing how strung out a plt can get along a couple click movement.
do the brits like the LMG? I am not the biggest fan... but it does have its advantages being a platoon asset.

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