start page acting funny

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Mar 26, 2007
yet i am logged in. When entering part of the site all is well again

Yeah, I have the same. I didn't report yet as I first wanted to test other browsers (I use the brave browser)

I have to hit the refresh button and then it pops up again. Clicking the login link results in an error that I'm already logged in.
It also forgets settings, like the style setting. If I choose another style, it first shows artakus and the login link, refreshing gives my chosen style and my user. Seems like the cookie is not read properly the first time, not yet sure what is going on.
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I got the same a while ago. It is the same what happened yesterday. I told David about that as he was just on line. Later all was fine like at the moment.
I've had it for several weeks. Happens when I fire up my laptop in camp. I go to make a comment and get a "Login to make a comment" or something like that. When I click the login button, I get "Already logged in" No big deal
Android: same result.
Yep. It has been giving me an error message that says to back up and try logging in again, over and over. The way around that is to click on the Register button and then you can log in normally
Just go to new posts. Hit the lightning emblem for new posts. Sorted.
It displays that I'm loged-out from the site when on the main forum...
I've been working on guest caching. But the setup seems to have effected users logged in condition. It is currently disabled.

If you still have issues it may be a local cache the browser is delivering. A clear of the browser cache should solve said problem.

I will continue to work on guest caching, but will move that to a test setup to avoid these issues in the immediate.

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