Stationary Aircraft Spawn Points

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    It seems that this neat little addition is poorly understood by many.

    There are two types of Spawn points in a dogfight multiplayer game. The standard hard coded spawn points on the map and the Stationary aircraft that are placed on the map when the HomeBase is set up to use them as spawn points. Quite often I see people placing the stationary aircraft on top of the hard coded spawn points thinking that is necessary for them to work. That is a recipe for disaster UNLESS you take a few precautions.
    • First is to simply not place the stationary aircraft near those locations since you will spawn into the stationary aircraft as long as it is inside the HomeBase circle.
    • Second is to limit the number of pilots available at that HomeBase to the number of stationary aircraft you have placed in that HomeBase.
      • F4F-3 - 20 Stationary Aircraft placed in HomeBase Circle. Make sure to limit to 20 flyable aircraft in HomeBase.
      • F4U-1A - 20 Stationary Aircraft placed in HomeBase Circle. Make sure to limit to 20 flyable aircraft in HomeBase.
        Since there are 40 Stationary Aircraft Spawn points make sure to limit the HomeBase to 40 or fewer pilots so there can never be more than the number of stationary aircraft at the HomeBase.
    Here is a HomeBase that had problems spawning the Tempest MK. V, 1944. As you will notice it looks like a B-24 hatched me. :D

    The reason I spawned into that location is because the mission builder did not place any Tempest MK. V, 1944 stationary aircraft on the map and the B-24 is on top of the hard coded spawn point the game used when it spawned me.

    Notice how most of the hard coded spawn points have a stationary aircraft directly on top of them.

    Ok now that I have shown you the problem how do we get around it?
    Once again there are two options.
    • First is to use a Stationary Aircraft "Generic Spawn Point.
      Order of spawning:
      • Generic Spawn Point
      • Hard coded Spawn Point
    • Second is to use the correct stationary aircraft that matches the flyable aircraft.
      This option takes precedence over the Generic spawn point and will spawn players into them until it runs out of them.
      Order of spawning:
      • Stationary Aircraft of same type in flyables list*
      • Generic Spawn Point
      • Hard coded Spawn Point
        *There are some stationary aircraft that do not work as spawn points when you place them on the map. In those instances you must use the Generic spawn point if you want the player to spawn into a stationary aircraft. This also holds true in HSFX for the Kubelwagon and Jeep since those are stationary vehicles and not stationary aircraft.
    To make this easier to visualize I placed a stationary ship on the map. I did not change anything else in this mission except to add a single Stationary Aircraft Generic spawn point and a singe stationary ship.

    Generic Spawn point placed on the map. Placed on top of an existing Hard Coded spawn point.
    (Placing it on a Hard coded spawn point is unnecessary. I did it to remain consistent with the way the mission builder built the mission.)

    As this image shows I now spawned into the "Generic Spawn Point" and not the Hard coded spawn point. Now since there is only one Generic spawn point on the map the next Player will spawn into my original hard coded spawn point under the B-24.

    Now lets put a Stationary aircraft of the same type as the HomeBase flyables list away from any Hard coded spawn points.

    The Generic spawn Point is still on the map next to the ship but I spawned into the stationary aircraft next to the hangar. Player two will spawn into the Generic spawn point and Player three will spawn in under the B-24 if we all chose the Tempest.

    Imo, This is a great addition to the game but it can cause severe problems if you don't understand how to use it.


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