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I've got a ton more but have to take the mrs to the clinic - ortho, so will be on later

E thanks for posting/adding gents
she's soe but ok her left ear is going big time and we had at leat 3 surgeries for her but she has bone deterioration within. She has fought buzzing for years in her head and going to the chiro is actually giving her releif slowly besdies putting her back. back-in. as a schild she go banged up pretty good in an auto accident, her left leg was actually out the door and the door slmmed closed onto that leg so yes permanent internal and exteranl injuries.

more on the stug's on the morrow .... or late tonight
another pays with his life for the Fatherland


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do we need a little motivation here to get some response from you chaps ?

gents serving in one of the Luftw.- feld divisions abt.


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ok a successful feld division Stug crew ....


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yo chilly it was on the Ost front 44-45.

a familiar image to some. A 3rd W-SS Stug on the prowl at Kursk


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one more Heer Stug gent


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I am interested, but I have read little in the way of StuG actions during the war. I know all about the machines but their involvement in combat I know little. They are forgotten by many, but they served admirably against the Soviet and Allied armoured forces - destroying many tanks in their path.
I'll be back with another personal pic and hopeful soon of some historie for all of you. Granted an almost fogotten part of the (especially) Ost front ground engagements as we always here how great TG 1 and TG 2's were, Panthers and lesser Pz IV H and J's but nothing of the Stugs or hetzers combat tacts or ops ........... it was proiven without the Stug Abt. and BAtteries and small comapnies in the Feld-divisions that the front lines would of been penetrated too easily by Soviet forces.

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