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Apr 15, 2005
I was meandering on a website and stumbled upon this awesome looking bird. I didn't know that anyone was going to put a swept wing plane into service, I remember that the USA tested the X-29 which was a swept wing plane... Any info anyone? All the site said was that a Russian test pilot said it was "very near completion." Crazy!


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they're not "commies" anymore..............

and they have a few but only development models..........
Russia is a "controlled democracy" which is exactly what the Repbulicans in the Spanish Civil War called themselves. The Republicans being made up of the extreme left, left, center-left, seperatist and atheist people.

Unless by saying "...the russians and the commies..." he was refering to Communist China.
yeah.. economically they dont have the ability to go into production (hence the death of the SU-37 *cry*) The SU-47 above is a very cool looking bird indeed. I've read a bit about it before but I don't remember the details.
The SU-47 Berkut never was thought as a massive-produced aircraft. It was only produced by Sukhoi in order to show that the Russian technologies were as good as its competitors in Europe and the United States, but the main problem was that the first customer of Sukhoi, the Russian government, was in bankruptcy, and that's why Sukhoi wasn't producing new aircraft by those ages.

There was only one prototype in fly-conditions, and it was destroyed at an accident.
I did not know it was destroyed however I am sure if the Russians had had the money the aircraft would have been produced in good numbers. You do not design an aircraft that advanced and not build it.
same thing happened with the SU-37, they never went into production and their test one crashed in an accident- thus it is also dead.. hopefully though they will take on the designation again as they upgrade the SU-35's with T-V (thrust vectoring) systems

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