Ta-152 H Aileron Questions

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Mar 12, 2009
Northfield, MN
Just a couple of questions about the Ta-152's ailerons. The first is easy: they were of metal (or wood?) construction and fabric covered, right? I've seen some drawings that make them look metal or hard covered and not fabric covered.
The second question is more technical. Looking at the push rod that actuates the aileron, it attaches to the control horn on the aileron. Then, there is the rod that goes back from the control horn to (I think) the Flettner tab. I don't see how that would work. The Flettner tab on the rudder of the late Me-109 G's and K's had the arm of the tab attach to the vertical stabilizer ahead of the hinge line. That would keep the Flettner tab parallel to the fuselage centerline when the rudder would be displaced. On the Tank, it appears that the tab's arm is fixed in relation to the control horn. So, I know I'm missing something and I'm hoping someone can set me straight.
Thanks for indulging my curiosity!
The tab rod was mounted to the middle aileron hinge bracket, not to the aileron control horn, making it a Flettner (or boost) tab as you suspected.
Here's a pic: Ta 152H Photo Walk Around Image 27
As far as construction I would put money on them being all metal. No hard evidence off hand for that, though, just what I seem to recall from looking at the original aircraft when I got a chance to examine it.

Thanks Chuter! I've seen that attach point before and now I know what it was for. But, if the aileron control horn was in line with the tab rod, did the horn have a slot in it for the rod to pass thru and connect to the hinge?. I can't quite picture how it all connected. I know the control horn is attached to the aileron spar and is canted forward to be in line with the hingeline, but unless one of them is offset, I'm at a loss.
As for wood, I saw a picture of the NASM's ailerons on a bench with some of the fabric pulled up. The interior is colored the same reddish color that the vertical fin is painted with. Would that indicate it's made of wood with a preservative on it or something else? I'd post the pic but can't seem to figure out how to do that.

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