Tail identification??

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Oct 17, 2005
Hi everyone,its been a while since I,ve been on here but I wondered if you all might save me some legwork(as usual!!)
We have got to remove a lot of stuff from our old museum premises,and whilst rooting in the the outer limits of our store of all parts that have been retrived during countless digs on crashed aircraft in our vincinity during the
war,I have come across a possibly 60,s -70,s tail plane that has a small side wing attached to it some 2 ft away from the top of it. i have taken a phone photo of it ,but I dont think I can post it on here very well! Someone has donated it to us sometime(before I joined!) It rings a bell in my mind but I cant put a finger on it-thought someone might have an idea-If you cant make head nor tail of my ramblings I might have to go back and take a real pic of it.Any ideas gratefully received! Cheers Anthony.
if you can get a pic someone will almost cirtainly be able to tell what it is, but unfortunately we can't do a great deal with that description, any more details would help........
Thanks ,I took one on my mobile but cant get it into my e-mail for some reason,I appreciate that this request was very vague! One other thing that was a feature ,was the tail was skinned with wood lamiate onto a alley frame-thought that was rather unusual,-but i,ll wait to post a proper digi pic!
Did it look something like this???


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