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Jun 25, 2020
Constructing the Tamiya 1/48 Focke Wulf FE A8 model. I have the other 3 versions after and several other German WW2 planes. Recently ordered several (53) paints fro mHobbylinc. Due to virus things get delayed . I'm asking for the XF Tamiya equivalent to AS-4. Going to need quite a bit apparently and don't want to go mixing and wasting what I have here. I've seen some help on other threads. Ones not even close compared
And TS-5
To XF 74,75,&76! Go figure the one out of 100 Tamiya paints I do not have is 75! But right in front of me is Tamiya AS-5 and is not even close to XF76! So didn't bother with that. Next up was this formula
XF 24
XF 18
XF 09
Now that might be ok but with nothing to compare it to , what do I go by?
Let's look at this a different way because Tamiya don't often get the colours right anyway when they specify paints. What Luftwaffe colours are you trying to replicate? Do you have a profile or a pic from the instructions?

Note that Tamiya XF 74, 75, and 76 have nothing to do with the RLM colours 74/75/76.
Hey thanks for replying. Though just days away from my shipment of paints decided not to wait - went with the formula soemone posted online.
For Tamiya AS-4
The pics will show the test on a spare piece model I screwed up but keep for experiments. Also is a pic of camo scheme I'm following. It's great when soemone post formulas but when you have nothing to compare it to makes it hard to trust . I think it's pretty close . The formula is the inner color or the lighter grey.


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New to this and it posted text part 2x , sorry bout that- also what did you mean by RLM ? I stick with Tamiya because it's what I started with when I began modeling and never had a problem with it. Seems they have a good variety and good quality- Dont like Testors , never did paint seems to move around more than it adheres.
Here's my little set up :


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..what did you mean by RLM ?

The German AirMinistry
(Reichsluftfahrtministerium; RLM) had a system for aircraft designation which was an attempt by the aviation authorities of the Third Reich to standardize and produce an identifier for each aircraft design's airframe type produced in Germany. It was in use from 1933 to 1945.
The RLM determinated the LW colours as well as the camo schemes for all planes being used by the Luftwaffe. Therefore you may find the name in many references talking about the LW colours.
As Crimea River had stated it above , the RLM main set of colours for Fw 190A was 74/75/76. The set was used from 1940-1944.
Unfortunately the Tamiya dosn't offer the exact equivalents of the RLM paints and mixing of colours is required if you want to get the correct shade of these.

Tamiya spray paints ...
AS-3 Gray Green = RLM 74
AS-4 Gray Violet = RLM 75
AS-5 Light Blue = RLM76

Mixed equivalents...
AS-3 ~ XF-18 + XF-26 (3:1)

AS-4 ~ XF-24 + XF-18 + XF-9 (7: 3: 1)

AS-5 ~ XF-23 + XF-19 (4:1)

For other mixes you may try Wayne Little's recommendation posted on the forum as well.

RLM 76: XF-23 Lt. Blue 1 Part, XF-66 Lt.Grey 2 parts, XF-2 White 7 Parts.

RLM 75: XF-24 Dk.Grey 1 Part, XF-51 Khaki Drab 1 Part, XF-2 White 1 Part.

RLM 74: XF-24 Dk.Grey 3 Parts, XF-27 Black Green 2 Parts, XF-2 White 1 Part.
Oh awesome. Love to learn all I can about WW2 planes.Thanks for taking the time to explain.
Oh Damn! That's great, Thank you. Already going through printer. 👍

Hope others find this. Been through a few sites and no real info a lot of trial and error going on. You

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