The bombing of Malaga 1936-7

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    I am researching the fall of Malaga (7th February 1937).

    A prolonged campaign of bombing was instigated in August 1936. The most personal account of this incident I have been able to uncover is 'Death's Other Kingdom' by Gamel Woolsey. She dosen't describe the direction the bombers approached from, nor the type of aircraft or the livery. Nor does Anthony Beevor or Hugh Thomas in their respective histories of the Spanish Civil war, although reference is made to the Italian Airforce of 100 planes under their Commander, Colonel Roatta who was based in Seville (Note:*he dosen't actually say the planes were in Seville), and further reference to Italian planes based in Majorca.

    For supply purposes it would make logisic sense for Italy to supply bombs to Majorca and the bombing to be carried out from there.

    For operational purposes, (flying time to Malaga), it would make sense for the bombers to be sent from Seville, (*Alternatively, there was an airport at Cadiz - see Note above).

    My question is this: Does anyone know where the planes were based that bombed Malaga - or could anyone suggest a source which could be helpful?

    Many thanks...qwerty
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    I am afraid I cannot help you with that; I have no idea where the bombers were based during siege of Malaga. I think they were based probably in sevilla, or pehaps in any other airbase between Sevilla and Malaga. There are many books about the siege of Malaga and the following carnage of the refugees on their way to Almeria, but most of them are in spanish. I have attached a link with many information that i am sure you will find interesting. It also conteins some books that will provide you the information you are looking for.

    Masacre de la carretera Málaga-Almería - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre


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