The Corsair rules!

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Chocks away!

Senior Airman
Jan 16, 2005
You can take one Corsair and apsolutely devastate a whole Japanese airfield! :shock: What an amazing fighter. In a matter of minutes I took out three Ki-43s, two NIKs and a Ki-84! :twisted: I don't know if you agree , but judging from the sim, the Corsair is a far superior plane to the Mustang. At least the B,C and D model Mustangs. ;)
maybe.. but you should try the bf109Z .. man i like that one ^_^
and even the spray-and-pray metod works with th Z :p
The 109Z kicks ass...its so hardcore :lol: I like the older planes, P.11c, CR.42, G.50, Buffalo...But I think I like the A-20 and B-25 best. I can mix it with the best of fighters in the A-20 8)
I agree with the corsair being a awesome plane. In a instant action in Coral sea in Pacific fighters, I loaded a F4U with two Tiny Tims and 8 six inch rockets. I made a beeline for the japaneses flattop. At medium range I fired the rockets and took flak damage but still pushed on. At point blank I opened up with the tiny tims and blew the carrier apart. Unfortunately, I was too close and blew up in the explosion.
P-40M is my favourite, I know it so well that I can haul it around the sky better than I really should. Nasty suprise for those who think it's an easy kill ;)
loomaluftwaffe said:
probably because the game was made by Russians
Yet curiously, some of the Russian planes are the worst modelled. Take most of the Yaks. Have you ever looked at how the pilot sits in the cockpits? With the exception of the Yak-1 and Yak-1B, the pilot's seat actually sits somewhere up around his belly button. It's like he fell right through it. When the Yak-3 has it's landing gear raised, the wheels poke right through the leading edges of the wing roots. It's weird. A lot of the Russian planes' tires seem to sink halfway into the ground when they're down too, like they have really low pressure tires. :lol:

You'd think that the Russian game writers would have paid more attention to detail with the Russian planes.
yup thats what i would think...
and i noticed that a Yak on my tail... with a bit of skill in the Fw-190 u can maneuver in such a way that the Yak can't help but crash straight into the ground

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