The old airfields of France

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    Hi all.

    I don't know if this link has been posted here before, but I've used it in finding some of the locations for the JG 26 airfields in Google Earth.
    The page is in french, but if you use Google Translate -> Translate Link, you'll get a somewhat ridiculous, but also somewhat readable translation of the text on the page.

    Les anciens-aerodromes

    I've managed to find the remains of the Audembert hangars, a taxiway, plus the house in which the officers of JG 26 lived back then, from the information I found on that page.
    I'm also working on trying to spot if there's any remains in the Caffiers and Marquise region, but I'm still digging through those places .
    Here's my Google Earth file on Audembert:
    IMPORTANT! If you download the file, remember to rename it Audembert.kmz to be able to use it in Google Earth.
    I chose to rename the file Audembert.doc, because the file upload manager in here wouldn't let me upload the .kmz file.
    Right-click and "Save as...".

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