The Poor Lancaster

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Hey.... I was at Walney air show yesterday.... talked with many people.
Is it true that the Lancaster is to have it's flying time cut.
What a damn shame, that is terrible news, we dont see enough of her as it is.
What a loss.
and unless they get funding Sally B won't flight at all after this season

Fine folk we are hey..... cant we help?
yes i've been hearing about this recently, it's tragic news, i believe it's to do with an expected shortage of parts, and so they don't want to wear her out if you see what i mean, it really is such a shame she's getting limited to about 10 flying hours a year!! i couldn't believe it when i heard, it now seems unlikely i'll ever see a lanc in flight :cry:
but it hardly seems worth it, taking into account all test flights that are done every year and travel to and from airshows, 10 hours is no more than two airshows...........
That is a real shame, looks like I also will never see a lanc in flight :( But it should prolong her a life and maybe if more parts become available again (hopefully), we may see more of her in the future. Let's hope it is just a temporary setback and wait and see what happens.
send her over here and there will be many a folk that would love to fabricate parts and get her on her way. Frankly I would be the first wishing I could just see her and hear the running of her engines.....
Coningsby, damn it! I used to live there when my dad was stationed there. 8)
The government doesn't like to fund the military though - even if it is for historical purposes. ;) :rolleyes:
oh man i can't believe i've only just remembered this one- guys, this wasn't true :lol:

me and cripps were on msn one night and were looking for ways to create mischive, so we came up with this dastardly plan, quite engenious i think you'll agree, i can assure you that for the forseeable future PA474 will be filling her 40 hours a year still, they're hoping to keep her flying until 2040 at the very least :lol:

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