The Rev. Pat Robertson Predicts.....

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    Pat Robertson sees left tilt, rebound under Obama

    By Steven G. Vegh
    The Virginian-Pilot
    © January 3, 2009


    Citing information he says is from God, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson said Friday that America is headed for veritable socialism as well as an economic rebound under President-elect Barack Obama in 2009.

    "What the Lord was saying, the people are willing to accept socialism to alleviate their pain," Robertson said on a broadcast of "The 700 Club." He hosts the program, which is aired from the Christian Broadcasting Network studios in Virginia Beach.

    Robertson said the economy, particularly the stock market, could start rebounding by the second quarter.

    "Cast off the gloom and the doom because things are getting ready to turn around," he said. "I'm flying in the face of all of the experts or most of the experts who say, 'Oh, no, no, no, it's going to get worse,' but I don't think so."

    Robertson's prophecies are an annual tradition at CBN and Regent University, where he unveils his predictions at a New Year's Day chapel service. Robertson is founder, president and chancellor of Regent.

    The revelations are the product of his regular end-of-the-year prayer retreat.
    "I say with humility, I hope I've heard the Lord. I spend time praying and asking him for wisdom and if there's a mistake, it's not his fault, it's mine," Robertson said.

    Robertson said on New Year's Day that "nothing will stand in the way of a plan by Obama to restructure the economy in the same fashion as the New Deal in the '30s," according to videotaped comments aired on Friday's show.

    The New Deal consisted of economic initiatives, such as publicly funded job programs, that Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt promoted during the Great Depression.

    Robertson said Friday that with a New Deal-style initiative, "you're federalizing many of the things you're doing. And it'll be the largest transfer of power to Washington since the '30s, but people are just willing to accept it because the pain has been so bad."

    Robertson's predictions last year for the economy were pretty much on target. He forecast that oil would hit $150 a barrel; it reached $147 over the summer. Gold hit $1,000 an ounce, as he said it would, in March.

    His prophecy of a stock market crash for 2009 came true, a tad early, in the fall. His forecast of a recession proved true.

    Robertson said Friday that the trillions of government dollars spent on an economic stimulus could lead to hyperinflation that ruins the dollar's value. "Everybody here will have to pay more, imported goods will cost a lot more, and there can be a lot of pain and suffering," he said.

    According to the Creator, "if I'm hearing him right, gold will go to about $1,900 an ounce, and oil $300 a barrel," Robertson said.

    In his 2008 prophecy, Robertson reported "the Lord was saying there's going to be violence and chaos in the world." The year saw terror attacks in Mumbai, India, and fighting in Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, the country of Georgia, and Gaza.

    On Friday, Robertson said God told him Islam was losing its grip on Muslims repelled by the violence and bloodshed of a "religion of hate."

    He also said Russia would create a multinational coalition to gain control of Middle Eastern oil supplies.

    Steven G. Vegh, (757) 446-2417, [email protected]

    I have always thought Pat Robertson was a blow-hard and full of hot air. He
    once "willed" a hurricane away from Virginia Beach ! This is in today's Virginian Pilot,
    and I though some members of the forum would get a kick out of this. Pat Robertson's
    predictions are always front page news here.

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    I don't give Rev. Robertson too much credit for his predictions - any of us could come up with the same by watching the news or reading a broadsheet every day, I believe. Case in point, the world and his dog has been ppedicting 'socialism' under Obama for at least six months, and people have been forecasting a short recession ever since the credit crunch first hit. IMHO, both views are incorrect, but they are current, and Pat Robertson was probably aware of them without divine revelation :lol:
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    I'm sorry. Robertson is a total asshat. I wouldn't let him babysit my son's goldfish.

    Those that follow him are fools.

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