Then and now, photo blending in Dordrecht, The Netherlands

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German soldiers posing by the Grote Kerk ( Great Church ) in Dordrecht, sometime between 1940-1945. The church was a popular photo location for German soldiers in Dordrecht. At the beginning of the war, the atmosphere was friendly. German soldiers behaved more like tourists in the city than occupiers. Many German soldiers, in the early stages, went out armed with a camera rather than their rifle. Many prominent spots in the city center were lovingly photographed, including the Grote Kerk. As the war progressed, this changed significantly with increasingly harsh measures against the civilian population and the daily life. The occupation became more grim as a result.
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On May 13, 1940, German tanks drove over the Wieldrechtse Zeedijk towards the city center of Dordrecht. At the intersection of Oude Veerweg - Schenkeldijk, they engaged in combat with the Bicycle troops of the Dutch army. The battle was decided in favor of the Germans. The black and white photo was taken on May 13, 1940. The current photo was taken in April 2024. As you can see, little has changed on the Wieldrechtse Zeedijk since then.
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The corner of the Albert-Cuypsingel and the Spuiweg in May 1940. Dutch soldiers take up positions behind the erected barricades in the Singel. A few Dutch soldiers are seen chatting on the street corner. Given the seemingly relaxed atmosphere, there were likely no fighting in the area yet, indicating that the photo was taken before May 12, 1940. The photo is a very rare capture of the events of May 1940 in Dordrecht. It is one of the few photos from the Dutch side during May 1940. The soldiers in the photo are most likely Army Maritime Engineers. On May 13, they were forced to clear this barricades as German tanks approached from the direction of the station toward the Spuibrug. A clash occurred at the Spuibrug with the Dutch Anti-Tank Gun unit that was positioned there. The anti-tank gun was destroyed in the process. This section of the Singel has changed very little since May 1940, as can be clearly seen in the photo.
Historic photo:

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On the 4 Th of May we remember the fallen. On the 5th of May, VE Day we celebrate that we have the freedom to remember. Remember guys, war is not always somewhere far away like in the Ukrain or Israel. It once was at our doorstep.

To celebrate our freedom, here a composite of the Canadian liberators driving through Dordrecht, my home city. Ironically 10 meters further up street from the last picture which marked the start of the war here, but 5 years apart, marking the end:

May 5th, it's Liberation Day! Today we celebrate freedom, and that calls for a liberation photo. This blended photo was taken on the Albert-Cuypsingel. The street hasn't changed much since the war. Dordrecht was liberated by the Canadians, and in this photo, you can see a Canadian army vehicle driving down the street with Dordrecht citizens. After five tough years of occupation, the occupation finally came to an end. Dordrecht was free once again!

Source historic photo: Zoeken in de archieven
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